First Post + a haiku

October 23, 2006 § 1 Comment

This blog is essentially my everlasting debutante ball. Since my dad joined AOL ten years ago this month, I have been a lurker. I’ve never made my presence felt to you, Internet. I’ve refrained from posting reviews on books or music, and never comment on message boards, but today— today!— marks my coming out.

According to Wikipedia, it’s also the anniversary of Brutus’s defeat and suicide at the Second Battle of Phillipi, the first Parliament of Great Britain, the first transcontinental air service from New York to Los Angeles, the first general assembly of the United Nations. October 23, 1998, Benjamin Netanyahu and Yasser Arafat reached a land-for-peace agreement and October 23, 2001 the IRA commenced disarmament and the first generation of iPod was released. Most auspicious. It’s also my brother’s birthday (see above).

And now, a haiku.

A new blog glowing
Dimly in cold cyberspace.
Who will read it? Who?


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