Winterizing, vol. 1

November 3, 2006 § Leave a comment

Well, I finally followed through on my threat, and ordered fingerless gloves for use indoors. Last winter, as I’ve hinted, we both froze. We were in The Condo in Halifax, with its modern radiant heat* and decorative fireplace, but since we were so poor and the heating system was so inefficient, we tried to use just wood heat to get us through. Which was a pretty poor joke after Christmas. I remember getting into bed at night not being able to breathe because I was shivering so hard. Which, in turn, led to anxiety attacks. (God, I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren how I’ve suffered.)

* The radiant heat panels are all the rage in new construction, I know, but the condo was built in 1989-90, and the panels were in the ceiling. And if they worked, they sure fooled me. Granted, we tended to keep the heat around 10, but when we finally couldn’t take it anymore, we’d jack it up to 22 until we started to actually feel the difference… 2 hours and change later. And, Christ on a biscuit, so expensive! We housesat for Richard’s sister** for the entire month of January, and we turned the heat at the condo as low as we dared without freezing the pipes. When we got the electric bill it was still $220.

**She was in Italy, and actually emailed us with complaints about the cold there several times before I replied with a gentle BOO-FUCKING-HOO, which comforted her greatly.

Now we have a drafty old apartment with forced air heat, but even with all the cracks to escape through (when the back door is closed and locked daylight is still visible around all four sides), we get warm. Fast. So warm, so fast, in fact, that I’m often fighting nausea from being overheated. So we’re still keeping the heat at 10, but it’s a much warmer 10. So warm, in fact, that I’m no longer wearing mittens-hat-scarf in the house. Now all I need are fingerless gloves. Pretty ones, too:

fingerless gloves

Richard’s have skulls.


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