Shouldn’t there at least be a fine?

November 12, 2006 § Leave a comment

We just watched the two-part seasonal premiere of Numb3rs (which I like to pronounce numb-three-R-S; and which we buy from the iTunes store*), and it seems to have improved. I’m really glad that the constant over-explanation has abated (or maybe because I’m so tired I actually found the over-share helpful tonight and didn’t notice).

Anyway! An illogical subplot in the second half of the premiere involved a birthmother tracking down the child that she’d given up for an illegal adoption that her much-older-and-married boyfriend had arranged with a shady lawyer fifteen years previous.

Essentially, the adoptive parents knowingly purchased a child off the Black Market. They had no idea what the circumstances were; the baby could have been a kidnap victim, or a crack baby, or one of those kill-the-pregnant-woman-and-cut-the-baby-out scenarios for all they knew. But, just as you’d expect (?) these people baby-thieves loved their stolen daughter immensely, and brought her up with wholesome values and a love of sports, or so I gleaned from her 20 seconds of screen time.

So, what happens to them? Their illegally-acquired daughter was fifteen, and obviously well cared-for, while her birthmother was a deranged murderer who killed her birthfather (not ideal parents) but, you know, they bought a baby. What’s the punishment? Arrest the parents? Split up the family? Put the daughter in foster care? There’s gotta be something, right?

*Our TV broke last January, so we started watching the programs we follow via iTunes download. The TV is fixed now, but even though the downloads are $1.99 a pop, I just can’t force myself back to the commercials. It’s like I’ve developed an allergy to being pressured into buying Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

Daily Insect Casualty Report (a brand-new feature here at TiaT; see Plague for background)
Kristina: 20
Richard: 14

PS Tomorrow’s entry will be something of substance, I promise. The Age of Daily Frivolity has passed.

November 12, 2006; 10:50pm AST

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