Book Review + Little Treats

November 17, 2006 § Leave a comment

The Ropemaker
Peter Dickinson; Delacorte Books for Young Readers
A well-paced, thoughtful fantasy, by a master of the craft. For nineteen generations, family legends have kept the women in Tilja’s family singing to the cedars of the forest, and the men in Tahl’s family speaking to the the northern river. But things are changing now, and the magic that has sheltered their valley is disintegrating, so Tilja, Tahl, and their grandparents must journey deep into Southern Empire to find a magician to renew the power. It also explores Tilja’s coming-of-age as she discovers her own gifts are not the gifts of her ancestors.

1) Some German endearments, for your pleasure:

Zuckerstuc = sugar pea
Zaubermaus = magic mouse
Zuckerschnecke = sugar snail

—via MSN, from Karen Salmansohn, career coach and best-selling author, who also offers this empowering ecard on her site:

2) This video from The Way of the Master. Such a great title, so rich in meanings. My brother and I happened to catch this flipping through the channels one Sunday afternoon a couple of years ago, and I’ve remembered it fondly ever since. I think that orangutan has terrific table manners for someone in a diaper.

3) This whip from knitty. Hot stuff.

November 17, 2006; 10:58pm AST


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