November 19, 2006 § Leave a comment

Oh, no! It’s raining sulfuric acid!

First, I thought I should share with you, dear readers, this disheartening sign I pass every time I go to Liverpool. It’s become one of my very favorites landmarks:


Now, I don’t know about you, but if I had a disaster that was bad enough that I had to hire a specialized company to come clean it up, I’d really like to know that the people were capable of spelling “Clean-up”. I realize that I’m pickier than most in matters of spelling, grammar, punctuation and words in general, but don’t you want someone who’s handling biological hazards to have a firm grasp of… well, everything?

Furthermore, although I edited it out, the owner named this business after himself— number one on my list of Smallish & Larger Annoyances in My Day-to-Day Existence— so I happen to know that his last name begins with C-L. So there isn’t any alliteration or false cleverness going on that you don’t see; in fact, the opposite. They spelled it wrong on purpose. For no reason.

If I were going to hire a Disaster Clean-up team, I’d prefer they exercised more creativity in naming their business and used proper spelling.

And now, some photos of Mill Village, Nova Scotia. It’s right off Highway 3, but it somehow manages to feel like what God had in mind when he coined the term ‘Middle of Nowhere’. I do like the river, the Medway, though. I was trying to capture a sort of Fellowship of the Ring feeling, but I’m not sure that came across. These have been Photoshopped, but the originals are up on Flickr. I really like the fairy lights (rain) in photo two.

tumblingdown falls

fairy lights



Now I’m off to watch last night’s Prime Suspect. Cheerio!

Daily Insect Casualty Report
Kristina: 7
Richard: 11

November 13, 2006; 10:00pm AST

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