Notes on Thanksgiving

November 26, 2006 § Leave a comment

Two Dessert Disasters:

1) The small almond pear cakes burned, which led to my only minor breakdown. After which I removed the (Muscat-poached) pears from the dead cakes, rinsed them off, and put them aside for a second try, executed while my sisters-in-law cleaned up the (which still burned around the edges and lost structural integrity… word to the wise: don’t trust Gourmet. But they were delicious.

2) In the meantime, our apparently-suicidal caramel pumpkin pie magically leapt two feet straight down from its secure footing on air purifier to the floor in the living room. I admit, I screamed when I saw it slumped there on the floor all cracked and smeared, with a little of its filling oozing out. But my pastry is very sturdy, so the crust didn’t crack, so Richard smooshed it back into place, then I smoothed over some extra filling. So all’s well that ends well, and all that.

So. We had three of Richard’s sisters here, plus two husbands, one new boyfriend, and my favorite niece. It was crowded and warm, but lots of fun, AND one of the sisters bought us a dishwasher, king of all the gifts in giftdom.

Precious beyond words, I know, but we were punch-drunk when we composed it last night, so think no less of me. Without further ado, I present: today’s menu.

Parmesan Crackers (caraway garlic & rosemary anise seed)
Guava Deliciosa
Crackers with Cheese and Smoked Salmon
Crackers with Goat’s Cheese and a Selection of Jellies

Chickory-Fennel Salad with Sweet Cider Dressing
Pickled Beets with Sour Cream

Brussels Sprouts Roasted with Mushrooms & Crunchy Shallots
Root Vegetables aux Gratin
Glazed Carrots a la Lorraine
Spice-Roasted Grain-Fed Turkey with Allspice Gravy
Chestnut, Prune & Pancetta Stuffing
Riz au Robert
Deux Sauces au Canneberges (Mama Stamberg’s Cranberry Relish and Cranberry, Apple & Walnut Conserve)
Quince Cheese

Caramel Pumpkin Pie
Small Pear & Almond Cakes
Surprise au ma Soeur

I’m sorry, Internet, I know this has been a crappy posting week, but I have a great story for tomorrow; a family drama operatic in scope… and I know the players!


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