Movie Review: The Brothers Grimm

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I thought I’d add a brief film-review section. I hate being stuck at Blockbuster or Video Difference faced with everything not in the New Releases section, and no idea what to choose. My first thought was only to recommend the movies I liked, but that’s not fair— why should you have to suffer through, say, The Brothers Grimm?

So anyway, I’m not doing New Releases, and I’ll try not to give away plot details… and bear in mind, I am in no way a movie critic. To wit: The Brothers Grimm.

(2005) I really wanted to like this— the terrific, campy sets and over-the-top acting, the fairy tale backstories— but it just wasn’t very good. Terry Gilliam directed, and I remember reading a review saying he let his imagination run away with him in the visual effects department, to the detriment of all other aspects of the film. The sound seemed uneven, the script seemed to be a series of four or five two-minute skits, repeated several times, and barely strung together with the intervening scenes.

I’m also bothered by how many films in which Monica Belluci plays a beautiful object. She’s hired on the basis of her looks, and looking pretty is all that’s expected of her: Here, she is an evil queen who enchants men with her looks. In Malena, she was a woman judged on the basis of her seductive appearance. In The Matrices, she was the wife of The Merovingian, and functioned mainly as window dressing. I’d like to see her act someday.


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When I create a new Pandora station, I tend to have something very specific in mind. For examples, my first station, Madeleine Peyroux Radio was meant to be a 1940’s French jazz club station. I wanted lots of Django Reinhardt, lots of Edith Piaf, some accordian-heavy instrumentals, a dash of Les Triplettes de Belleville, an occasional sprinkle of Pink Martini. You know, stuff you might have heard whiling away an evening in a smoky little bistro in Lyon circa 1937.

Despite my relentless training (I thumbs-up-or-down every. single. song; I’ve added almost a dozen examples of artists in the style I’m after), the result is an unpleasant mishmash of modern jazz dip-dee-doot-dee-dahs, plus Diana Krall and Nina Simone. And while I love Simone and can easily tolerate Krall in her place (which is to say, in someone else’s house), that is absolutely not what I want here, in Madeleine Peyroux radio. Any thoughts?


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From yesterday’s Lunenburg Progress Enterprise:

Icy conditions ditch plow, ambulance

Mossman, William Hebb roads temporarily closed

by Keith Corcoran

County — An ice-glazed hill is to blame for accidents— and near miss— involving a car, ambulance, snow plow, and firetruck on a treacherous rural Lunenburg County road.

A section of the William Hebb Road in Hebbville was the second road to close to traffic for part of February 15 and 16 because of its ice-coated condition.

In the late evening of February 15, the William Hebb mayhem started when a Nissan Altima, driven by Adam Bush, came to a rest in the south-side ditch after sliding off the road. Then, an ambulance responding to the scene spun out of control on the top of the hill— on the Hebbville side— and came to rest in the ditch several metres away from the Altima. A second ambulance and supervisor unit were dispatched and advised to come a different route.

Soon, a Hebbville fire department pumper lumbered over the same hill, fishtailed and even slid down the hill sideways before regaining control and coming to a stop at the bottom.

“It pretty much went the whole way down sideways,” Hebbville Fire Chief Chris Kennedy said. “They were lucky.”

But not so lucky was a Transportation and Public Works snowplow that was called in later, when the scene was secure, to alleviate some of the slipperiness. The plow slid out of control and careened into the same south-side ditch as the other stranded vehicles, slamming its front end into the back end of the now-vacant Altima.

The heavy trucks were out-of-control enough that some on the scene dove for cover.


Earlier in the evening of February 15 part of the Mossman Road in West Northfield was closed because of icy conditions after emergency crews responded to a report of a car hanging over a cliff.

But somehow, there were no injuries. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be comedy.


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Sorry, everyone (someone, anyway, I hope) I’ve been in a bit of a funk. Let me see if I can manage a post every day this week.

This intro doesn’t count, of course.

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