February 26, 2007 § Leave a comment

When I create a new Pandora station, I tend to have something very specific in mind. For examples, my first station, Madeleine Peyroux Radio was meant to be a 1940’s French jazz club station. I wanted lots of Django Reinhardt, lots of Edith Piaf, some accordian-heavy instrumentals, a dash of Les Triplettes de Belleville, an occasional sprinkle of Pink Martini. You know, stuff you might have heard whiling away an evening in a smoky little bistro in Lyon circa 1937.

Despite my relentless training (I thumbs-up-or-down every. single. song; I’ve added almost a dozen examples of artists in the style I’m after), the result is an unpleasant mishmash of modern jazz dip-dee-doot-dee-dahs, plus Diana Krall and Nina Simone. And while I love Simone and can easily tolerate Krall in her place (which is to say, in someone else’s house), that is absolutely not what I want here, in Madeleine Peyroux radio. Any thoughts?

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