chrome-plated, trumpet-voiced flycatcher

May 17, 2007 § 1 Comment

Dear Residents of Lunenburg,

You are RESIDENTS of LUNENBURG. No one is going to steal your car or its contents. Stop arming your car alarms. Do it for me that neurotic terrier on Montague the children! Do it for the children.

You know you’re only going to set it off yourself anyway.

Kindest regards, etc.,


So. No Gilmore Girls or Veronica Mars next year on The CW. [CW Entertainment head] Dawn Ostroff, may your little black dress fall down around your knees at a cocktail party, may your teeth evermore be thick with raspberry seeds, and may your pandering, preening network fall on its knees in September. Thus I spake.

Seriously, though. 24* is renewed and VM isn’t? Who runs this frigging industry?

*Check the end of the second paragraph.

§ One Response to chrome-plated, trumpet-voiced flycatcher

  • gankaku says:

    Yeah, I saw that comment by Republican candidate Tom Tancredo on another web site. Chilling. I understand that Bush, Cheney, Rove, and the rest of the reprobates in the Whitehouse love 24… And that Ann Coulter is a huge fan. Reason enough to boycott the show, I’d wager.

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