X marks the spot. The spot that means a lot.

June 17, 2007 § Leave a comment

The last two weekends Richard and I have been Geocaching— with a twist! We, uh, don’t have the one piece of equipment the sport requires: a GPS. But either we’re geniuses or the cache-placers know there are wannabes like us, because in lots of the descriptions— along the South Shore, anyway— it’s pretty easy to find the caches without the electronics.

I was just investigating caches in the UK and they look 5 orders of magnitude more difficult. Hmmm.

It taps into my (only-just) buried childlike enthusiasm for buried treasure— though the treasure itself isn’t always terrific (not that we can complain— all we’re leaving are the dozens of SpongeBob sponges we get out of a vending machine at the grocery store, thanks to my ongoing quest to own a plastic Squidward figurine), but, as our fellow cachers know, it’s the finding that’s the thrill. And I’m quite looking forward to taking my parents out when they visit, not to mention my former charges who think a jaunt across the back lawn qualifies as a nature walk.

Here are some photos from our adventures.






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