Dear Diary,

June 26, 2007 § Leave a comment

Yesterday we were up early and into the city for a doctor’s appointment, then the day was ours. We had second breakfast at Local Jo’s, which was relaxing to begin with, but culminated in me gulping down too-hot tea so we could escape the X-acto-sharp screeches from the urchins below. If you’re local and haven’t tried it, do . The scones are heavenly and they blend their own tisanes. But Richard says to warn you that the guy who works there doesn’t make the lattés hot enough.

Then to the library, then to Cotton Ginny for some shorts (why do I never remember to shop end-of-season sales?), then to Pete’s Frootique in Bedford for a smoothie and sushi. Again, if you’re local and haven’t tried it, the Amazon Something-Something Smoothie is highly-recommended. By me.

Then home again, where— wondrous, spectacular, I can’t believe my eyes— there were cheques(!) from our clients(!!) in our mailbox. Let this be a lesson to anyone considering freelancing or web design as a career: people HATE paying you, however much they like your work. And they’ll make you wait as long as they possibly can. If they know you can’t afford small claims court, buckle up for months of living rough. Even if they’re friends. Even if they’re family in some cases.


Today was hot and frustrating for both of us, but we just got back from a short, decompressing walk over Second Peninsula Beach, which is pebbly and sharp, but in one of the most beautiful areas of the mainland. The lupines are blooming, polka-dotting the roadside and meadows.

I discovered it four or five years ago when Richard came to interview an artist and gave me the car for the afternoon. I wasn’t used to driving anymore (I don’t mind a chauffeur), and I kept narrowly missing dumping myself and the Mazda into the drink as I wound along Second Peninsula’s main road. It’s calm, pastoral, breath-taking; and at twilight the sky takes on such a mellow, dusky yellow-pink, I can’t imagine a better place to live. And forty-four acres of the peninsula is on the market and slated for condo development. Fourteen of them. Although the proposal is described as ‘green development’, if we won the lottery, this would be the first property we’d buy. Not to build on, of course. To keep them just as they are for as long as we can.



I know I’m two years late, but Bleak House is truly wonderful. Krook just spontaneously combusted. What more can I say? Awesome just doesn’t cover it.

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