Oh no! It’s raining sulphuric acid!

July 8, 2007 § 1 Comment

a repost from November.

First, I thought I should share with you, dear readers, this disheartening sign I pass every time I go to Liverpool. It’s become one of my very favorite landmarks:


Now, I don’t know about you, but if I had a disaster that was bad enough that I had to hire a specialized company to come clean it up, I’d really like to know that the people were capable of spelling “Clean-up”. I realize that I’m pickier than most in matters of spelling, grammar, punctuation and words in general, but don’t you want someone who’s handling biological hazards to have a firm grasp of… well, everything?

Furthermore, although I kindly edited it out, the owner named this business after himself— number one on my list of Smallish & Larger Annoyances in My Day-to-Day Existence— so I happen to know that his last name begins with C-L. So there isn’t any alliteration or false cleverness going on that you don’t see; in fact, the opposite. They spelled it wrong on purpose. For no reason. If I were going to hire a Disaster Clean-up team, I’d prefer they exercised more creativity in naming their business and used proper spelling. Like this:





Ah, yes. Another thing for everyone to look forward to when I’m elected Queen.

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