Just Like Starting Over

September 20, 2007 § 4 Comments

This week I’ve been working on my YA novel and it’s going surprisingly well. I’ve cleaned up the cringe-worthy dialogue in chapter five (something that I’ve felt paralyzed over for months), and while it’s still bad, reading it no longer discourages me so much I quit AppleWorks anymore.

For me, writing successfully is all about rhythm. Repeating the process daily, so I don’t forget where I was headed in a particular scene— subscribing to the Hemingway Method ‘when you get going good, stop— and so I feel the momentum building under me. This way it seems as though the story is writing itself rather than me painfully struggling for the next word every time I hit the space bar.

Tomorrow, though, my rhythm will be interrupted. We’re agreed to take my former wards for the weekend, and every time we do there’s always some unforeseen complication.

This time they asked me to look after a cat they’re baby-sitting. I agreed to make sure it was watered and fed daily, but I had every intention of bringing Emma and Isaac here so I could be half-assured of a decent sleep every night. I enlisted Richard’s niece to feed kitty on Saturday and possibly Sunday, and no one would be any the wiser. We’d go apple-picking and Geocaching, and generally leave the kids fuller of fresh air and organic produce than we found them.

But ho! Now there are more complications. Emma has a birthday party Saturday afternoon and the kids both have gymnastics Sunday morning. So my choices are:

1) Suffer though the cat* and the nail-filled sleeper sofa mattress, or

2) Spend five hours schlepping them back and forth all weekend.

Also, the birthday party falls right into Isaac’s nap time on Saturday. He’s a real treat by 7:00 pm if he’s skipped his nap, I assure you.

*Can they sense the histamines flooding my bloodstream? Is that why they insist on sleeping on my face/curling up on my lap whenever an opportunity arises? They’re really that evil?

Anyway! My rhythm. It will be interrupted over the weekend even more than I was planning, so what to do?

Fellow writers: how do you get your groove back after some time away?

§ 4 Responses to Just Like Starting Over

  • I always leave a half-finished sentence at the end of each writing session, even if I’m already sure how I’m going to finish it. Most of the time the trick works.

  • […] But the nicest part of the day didn’t begin with me. I was made happiest by the sound of keys clicking softly beside me, a sign that Kristina had found her cadence again. It is her first, best destiny to write. […]

  • Colleen Gareau says:

    “*Can they sense the histamines flooding my bloodstream? Is that why they insist on sleeping on my face/curling up on my lap whenever an opportunity arises?”

    Yes, yes it is.

    “They’re really that evil?”

    Yes, yes, they are.

  • Gankaku says:

    It was even worse than dealing with Kristina’s allergies.

    When we showed up to check on King George on Sunday, we discovered an unholy mess and a god-awful smell. The kitty, perhaps angry at being left alone for the better part of the weekend, decided to poop in all the house plants, and fling the dirt all over the house.

    He is a most evil cat.

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