Warm and Safe

October 16, 2007 § 2 Comments

Autumn has arrived in full force here, and as we were at the beach gathering rocks this evening, I felt it was finally time to drag out my hat. Now I’m sitting in our drafty study wishing mightily for a fireplace, or at least a cubby in the wall where I could toss a few handfuls of crumpled red tissue paper for a cosy pretend.

We finally got around to listening to the Penguin Podcast from last November wherein they highlighted children’s audiobooks for Christmas 2006. One of the selections was Patricia Routledge reading Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Two Bad Mice who ruin the dolls’ house in a rage when they discover that all the food in the dollhouse is pretend. It prompted me to draw up (silently, you understand) a complex theory about the differences in how live animals who live in the wild— though not in a very harsh wild— and “live” toys, who are both manufactured and cared for by humans, perceive reality in Beatrix Potter.

…But none of that is what I meant to say today. What I meant to say was:

Here are two book orders that arrived in our mailbox today. Can you guess which belong to me and which are Richard’s? And who works harder to coordinate with the bedspread?



§ 2 Responses to Warm and Safe

  • Colleen Gareau says:

    How lovely to come across another rock collector. I am lost in another world, all my cares gone, when I gather rocks along various beaches, making sure to collect those that set one beach apart from another. So far, Wreck Cove in Cape Breton is my favourite. Lovely red and green rocks that I think are jasper.

  • kristina says:

    Colleen, when you gather rocks, do you find people looking askance at you? It seems like something we should do without feeling guilty, but I naturally assumed we ought to treat it as a covert mission. Richard’s sister has since told us to “be careful about people seeing [you].”

    You’ve worked for the RCMP. Is taking rocks from the beach legal? Surely it should be.

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