A Mosaic of Recent Flickr Favorites (+ text)

November 11, 2007 § Leave a comment


1. My Personal “Russian” Doll (Matrioshka), 2. Russian Matrioshka Domes, 3. Kyiv at Sunset, 4. A nossa casa . Our home, 5. DINNER´S SERVED!!, 6. 3, 7. Gaupne old church, 8. Medieval wood carving, 9. tocai (il friulano per eccellenza), 10. Bergen #2, 11. Xana & Brownie XL!!, 12. Naked Children Having Splash Behind the Taj, at Yamuna River, 13. Smooth sailing, 14. The Seam Seeker, 15. DSC_5726_kashgar_naan, 16. Tea Time with Owl


I borrowed the second season of Upstairs, Downstairs from the library, and we’re furiously working our way through it. It takes real dedication to watch a whole season in a week, let me tell you, but the librarians seem to expect it. While watching Carnivale in this manner gave me nightmares that still resurface on occasion, the regimin is really no hardship really with all the maudlin goings-on at 165 Eaton Place. Sarah has just delivered her stillborn son by James (who has been packed off to India), Roberts is in fits about having to eat with the slut (the indignity!), and Elizabeth (“Why can’t you think of me, of my feelings for a change!”) is pregnant by her husband’s publisher. One couldn’t ask for more.

So although last night’s snow still lingers here and there, and onight is one of those nights you need a fireplace and a cozy armchair, we’ll content ourselves with the space heater, a venerable loveseat, and leftover pasta. And we will be happy.


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