The Great Ceiling Disaster of ‘08

November 16, 2007 § 5 Comments

I think I mentioned a few months ago the tremendous leak we had this spring that laid fault lines through our bedroom ceiling. Well, we’ve been studying these lines for the past four weeks or so, saying to each other, “Does that look bigger to you?” “I don’t know… that one does.”

So this afternoon I was folding some laundry and noticed that there was a section of plaster hanging about a quarter-inch lower than the surrounding area, an increase of, well, a quarter-inch since noon. I went to the office to get the camera to document it AGAIN for our negligent landlords who have known about the problem since April, and have been reminded twice since then. While I was in the office I heard a biblical rending and tearing, and reentered the room to find this:


Huh. Shit.

And while I was capturing the mess on the floor:


there was another great snarl from the ceiling. Now, it looks like this:


and the rest of the room looks like this:


An hour later, the landlord hasn’t returned Richard’s message— they always screen their calls, you see. I wasn’t sure I could remain civil.

You know, the same thing happened to my roommate when I lived on Quinpool Road a few years ago. While we were both at work one January day, great chunks of her plaster ceiling came down, coating the room in debris and 80 years’ worth of dust. It so happened that her parents were our landlords, but I don’t think it would have mattered if they weren’t related. They were there the next day, helping her clean out, shaking out her electronics, and arranging for the repairs to be done as soon as the demolition was finished. She got a smooth new ceiling and even a new light fixture out of the deal (though I thought the chandlier was cooler than the track lighting that replaced it). Her bulldog was afraid to sleep in there for a while, but no lasting damage.

I certainly wouldn’t expect that to happen here, but I do expect work to be done within a month of notification. They’re property managers, and I expect them to manage the property a hell of a lot better than this; there was no reason for this to happen. The leaky window and damaged ceiling should have been repaired in June.

I miss the days when landlords gave a shit.


§ 5 Responses to The Great Ceiling Disaster of ‘08

  • Gankaku says:

    Do you see those boards? That’s a real plaster ceiling! Solid Lunenburg construction, by cracky. They don’t build them like that anymore!

    Kristina, wise old soul that she is, figures that our apartment dates from the 1860s, since it has copious windows along one side that look directly at the house next door (which has no windows). Ergo, our place was built first, and since their place was constructed in the 1870s, we can do the math. The two houses adjacent were built by brothers within a few years of each other… They’re lovely. Our place used to be an old fishing shop.

  • kristina says:

    An old dry goods store.

  • […] the state of our bedroom still pisses me off. As Kristina relates as Tempest, we’ve tried to get this fixed a few times, but getting our landlords to pay attention is a […]

  • Tena Russ says:

    If I were you, I’d GTFO.

  • Nancy Bond says:

    If it makes you feel any better — and I’m sure it won’t — our landlord doesn’t give a crap about our apartment either…or the 23 others in our building. Have you contacted the Residential Tenancies Board? That’ll sometimes get them moving…it’s a threat I had to resort to to get a new fridge, once we had food spoilage. Either way, good luck with the repair.

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