Titles are for losers.

November 19, 2007 § Leave a comment

One of our landlords called this morning, and was most apologetic about not getting back to us sooner. She came out to view thedamage and, I guess, a plaster expert did, too. He recommended drywalling over the whole ceiling (once the leak is repaired, obviously) but there’s no word as to when this may occur. We shall see.

Now a few links that made a gloomy day bearable:

Item 1: Knitted model of rat-infested garbage.

Item 2: An interview with Christian Bale* by a woman who, I have a hunch, really loved Empire of the Sun when she was younger, and maybe wrote stories in her diary like Sarah.

* made double-good by the Celine Dion ad before the video. You can tell she was a trained dancer before she started singing.

Item 3: turtle-time.giffrom my real friend Sarah, who should probably start a blog just to share her Black Market Cheese story with the world.

Item 4: Pauline Collins sings What Are We Going to Do with Uncle Arthur from her 1973 Decca LP.


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