Excerpt from Housekeeping

November 20, 2007 Comments Off on Excerpt from Housekeeping

If one should be shown odd fragments arranged on a silver tray and be told, “That is a splinter from the True Cross, and that is a nail paring dropped by Barrabas, and that is a bit of lint from under the bed where Pilate’s wife had her dream,” the very ordinariness of the things would recommend them. Every spirit passing through the world fingers the tangible and mars the mutable, and finally has come to look and not to buy. So shoes are worn and hassocks are sat upon, and finally everything is left where is was and the spirit passes on, just as the wind in the orchard picks up the leaves from the ground as if there were no other pleasure in the world but brown leaves, as if it would deck, clothe, flesh itself in flourishes of dusty brown apple leaves, and then drops them in a heap at the side of the house and goes on.

Oh, to be able to write like Marilynne Robinson….


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