February 24, 2008 § 3 Comments

Dick Cheney! I broke my keyboard! I was scraping around between the keys and producing quite a sizable dustclump when I got a little too aggressive with the left-side command button (equivalent of control on PC) and off it popped. And either I can’t figure out the plastic spring mechanism or digits lack the requisite delicacy for the job, because after about two hours of breathless surgery and trying many configurations, I’m still without the button. Of course, the reason the base of this particular key was so filthy is because it’s the key I use most, so there has been a VERY STEEP LEARNING CURVE this afternoon as I reacquainted myself with all those inefficient mouse movements that one uses while copying and pasting engineering specs from one document to another. And there’s a gaping wound where I’ve injured my faithful companion here. Sorry, Horatio.

Richard thinks our next door neighbor, an on-site, independent Apple technician could repair the damage, but while we were all wrapped up in our own misery and poverty in 2006-07, he was caring for his terminally ill wife— and we found out so late in the game we were too late to make many overtures, although we had both finished a long stint with palliative care ourselves, and might have offered an empathic ear. The wife was a kind, helpful, sparkly woman, and even seeing him shoveling out his car makes both of us so abashed and embarrassed about our selfishness and unneighborliness in their time of need, I can’t imagine knocking on his door to ask for rescue.

§ 3 Responses to Oops.

  • Nancy Bond says:

    Oh dear, I hope you get your key repaired sooner than later. You know, your neighbor might just welcome the distraction and the chance to finally connect with you and Richard. I’m not being flippant — truly, he may welcome the contact. 🙂

  • You don’t by any chance have one of those Apple keyboards with a clear case that lets you see all the crud that accumulates under the keys, do you?

    For a long time I was content to have a disgusting mess hiding under my keys (out of sight and out of mind). Then I got one of those keyboards with an eMac I bought several years ago, and haven’t looked at a keyboard the same way since.

  • kristina says:

    John— actually Richard has that problem, and though he tries to keep it clean, it is shocking what dirty creatures we are… hair, crumbs, dust and debris, all perfectly visible. It’s no wonder PCs come gray rather than white.

    Nancy— I’m seriously considering it; he seems perfectly friendly when we see him on the street, and it surely has been a long, gray winter.

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