“Junk Science my ass,” she murmured delicately.

March 9, 2008 § 1 Comment

According to Steve Malloy, all those Love Canal kids were faking, and the subsequent investigation, fining and establishment of the Superfund were all part of an elaborate liberal witch hunt. Actually, I have using the term “witch hunt”, unlike many Congressional representatives, because they usually lose sight of the fact there was never any chance Salem, Massachusetts was ever home to any witches, and such certainty is laughable in the face of… well everything they compare to a witch hunt.

“If a site was deemed by the EPA to pose a risk to human health — say, by divining as little as a 0.01 percent increase in the risk of cancer to a hypothetical person who, however implausibly, might one day subsist on a site’s most contaminated soil and groundwater — then the owners and users of the site could be held liable for the typically exorbitant, EPA-determined clean-up costs.”

Oh, what honest reporting! The fact is, the EPA doesn’t ever specify how much a polluter pays to clean up a job— if it’s cleaned to EPA standards, they couldn’t care less. If, however, you kinda swish a mop around in a now-orange freshwater stream, and half-heartedly sweep at the contaminated topsoil, then yes, the EPA will clean it up, and yes, the Superfund will charge the offender three times the price a thorough job cost them.

I mean, that’s what they used to do. Before Bush. And after him, too, I hope.

Anyway, it’s dishonest and disingenuous to even suggest that the CO2 excreted by actual humans will ever be subject to any kind of Carbon Tax. Angry eyebrows to you, sir, and it’s bullshit to suggest Coca-Cola will be forced to shake the last few dimes from the cash box to pay whatever Carbon Tax is levied on them.

Dear God, I miss Molly Ivins.

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