I was tired of going to the mall, so I asked Metafilter.

April 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’m looking for a few fun, interesting afternoon activities to do with a 95-year-old relative. She can’t see well, can’t hear well, has some short-term memory problems and is on a budget. But she’s game for anything.

The memory problems are more pronounced in the last few months, but she’s pretty steady on her feet and we do have access to a good wheelchair. She used to like walking through the mall, but seems to have lost interest in that.

We’ve been to all the museums, and plan to re-visit the natural history museum when the exhibit changes. In another month, the Public Gardens will open and she’ll enjoy that. She can’t hear lectures (and doesn’t have the memory for them) and can’t see movies (and again, memory). She’s never been much of a reader, but we are trying a few audiobooks, which might open some new avenues.

She enjoys going for drives, but can’t hear well enough to hold a long conversation without seeing body language/reading lips. We always get a coffee at the end of the afternoon, but I don’t want to spend three hours sitting in a coffee shop.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Here’s what they suggested:

– fancy meal, possibly setting up a yelp account for her to post restaurant reviews

– spa day

– live music (high school band, at the Public Gardens)

– watching children play at the park or at a playground

– recording her family memories

– tour of Citadel Hill

– Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

– Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

– photographing her, all over the city
– Citadel Hill
– on the ferry
– Public Gardens
– on the Commons
– on Market St.
– on Church St.
– on Tower Rd.
– on Ivanhoe St.
– at St. Mary’s Basilica
– at Province House
– at the Hydrostone
– at the Oxford
– Canadian Martyrs
– Sally’s house
– outside her father’s confectionery

– cruise the harbour

– petting zoo at Hatfield Farm

– Google streetview tour of the Beirut neighborhood where her parents grew up

– a few afternoons with Sadie

– look at the fish in various pet stores

– learn to cook a few Lebanese classics

– go to a few wonderful greenhouses
– Oceanview
– Lakeview
– Bloom on Hammonds Plains Rd.

– a day in Wolfville/Annapolis Valley

– visit a farm or dairy

– crash a wedding or a funeral

– read tabloids aloud (in VERY shocked voice)

– wine tasting

– $10 in quarters and an afternoon at the Casino

– fly a kite on Citadel Hill

– take a walk through Point Pleasant, have a delicious picnic

– a playlist of cute kid/animal videos on YouTube

– a few interesting sets on Flickr

– tour of Keith’s brewery

I think I’ll modify a few of them and combine some others. But we’re already making good progress. Last week, we took the ferry across the harbour and today we trekked down to Chester to take a stroll through the tropicals greenhouse, and stopped for coffee along the way.

I think taking portraits at a number of city landmarks will be pretty fun for an afternoon excursion, and taking a photo every Wednesday will be  nice aide mémoire, maybe giving her a few things to talk about on the phone with her daughter. And hey, I like having fun, too.


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