…and I’m Queen of this Castle

I’m Kristina. I’m a writer and so is my husband, Richard. We used to live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I studied for a year at The University of King’s College, then stayed on as an illegal nanny for a few years. Don’t try it. I submitted my immigration application on September 16, 2005 and thirteen months later I received Landed Immigrant Status. Now we live in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia with our imaginary dog, Prospero. Yes, Lunenburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Yes, it’s beautiful. Yes, you should come for your vacation. We might even be persuaded to show you the sights.
I’m 25 years old, and I grew up in Maine. My father worked for the phone company until I was 11, then at various blue collar jobs. My mother is a second grade teacher. This has caused much strife between us because I am no longer in second grade, which means I don’t follow her directions very well anymore.

I do a lot of living inside my head, but not in an unstable way. My interests include Boggle, comparing and contrasting various Protestant sects, tickling unwary victims, and strolling around with an umbrella. I also like to read and write, which is handy, since that’s how we try to earn money. Oh, and I’m working on a young adult novel, but you probably shouldn’t ask me how it’s going.

Here’s an Incomplete List of Things That Make My Life Worth Living.

Here’s a list entitled Smallish & Larger Annoyances in My Day-to-Day Existence.

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